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Invitation to postcard workshops - Christmas linocut miniatures

Advent is coming – preparation for the big holidays of the year. Nowadays, when we are all in a hurry and do not find time for ourselves, when it is difficult to concentrate or calm down and prepare the soul for an important period, we suggest to remember one tradition of Lithuanian artists - creating Christmas miniatures-cards. In the Soviet era, it was one of the free genres, when artists could create freely without any censorship. These were mostly graphic miniatures that traveled by mail. They were exchanged, and this is how collections of small-format Christmas works appeared in many houses of artists - still waiting for the attention of curious researchers.

As the holidays are approaching, we invite you to paid (10 € per session) Christmas linocut miniatures lessons, which will be taught by the artist Aušra Jasiukevičiūtė. During them, you will be able to carve your own design and press out colored linocut miniatures with a simple teaspoon. Create postcards with pictures that you can give to all your friends and relatives!

Classes will be held from November 23 until December 22, Thursdays and Fridays, 6 - 9 p.m.

Come to the Sculpture and Stained Glass Center, bring a good mood, and we will take care of the tools!

Registration via e-mail:

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