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The Sculpture and Stained Glass Centre of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association is a complex of buildings that has been in operation for almost half a century. Here, Lithuanian artists create the monuments of historical memory, as well as the sculptures and works for public spaces. It is a place that aims not only to promote the creation of works in Lithuanian and foreign urban spaces, to preserve the traditions of sculpture and stained-glass art, but also to revitalise cultural activities in the peripheral areas of Vilnius city.


Currently, over 30 sculptors and interdisciplinary artists are in residence at the Centre, creating original works of art, producing and restoring sculptures, monuments, stained glass and monumental artworks. The Centre accepts commissions for individual and public works which are implemented by professionals in their field – the resident artists of the Centre.


In addition to its creative and commissioning activities, the Sculpture and Stained Glass Centre focuses on educational activities and projects. It organises various workshops for young people and adults, guided tours around the building complex and an annual festival of sculpture and stained-glass art.

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