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Gediminas Piekuras

Born in 1962 in Vilnius
Since 1988 participates in exhibitions
Since 1992 Member of the Union of Lithuanian Artists
Since 1986 works at Vilnius Justinas Vienožinskis art school, method teacher
Since 2010 works at the National MK Čiurlionis School of Arts
Lives and works in Vilnius



in 1981 graduated from MK Čiurlionis Art School
in 1987 graduated from the Vilnius Art Institute (VDA), majoring in sculpture

Personal exhibitions

1996 Drawings. Gallery Skliautai, Vilnius
1997 Drawings. Gallery Skliautai, Vilnius
1997 Drawings. Gallery Akcija M, Molėtai
1998 Sculpture, drawings. Left-Right Gallery, Vilnius
1999, 2007 Drawings. Lithuanian National Philharmonic, Vilnius
2000 Drawings. Holiday home, Golden Dunes, Nida

2013 Drawings. MFA, Vilnius

2013 Drawings, sculpture, collection. Art niche, Vilnius

2013 A surface propagating in space. Gallery Juozas Art, Vilnius

2014 Planes. St. John's Gallery, Vilnius

The most important group exhibitions

1990 G. Piekuras, M. Piekuras: sculpture, painting. Gallery Arka, Vilnius
1990 I. Piekuras, G. Piekuras: painting, sculpture. Exhibition hall, Vilnius
1990 Republican Fine Art Exhibition. Exhibition hall, Vilnius
1992, 1994, 1996 Lithuanian art. Gallery 2112, Copenhagen. Denmark
1993 Group Table. Gallery Arka, Vilnius
1994 Group exhibition. ŠMC, Vilnius
1996 Group Table. Gallery Skliautai, Vilnius
1997 Marija, Igoris, Marijus, Gediminas Piekurai: family exhibition. Lithuanian Chamber of Artists, Vilnius
1998 2nd Bronze Casting Symposium. LDS medal gallery, Vilnius
1998 Sculpture. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius
1999 Sculptors for the city of Vilnius. Gallery Arka, Vilnius
2000 Unknown 20th century Lithuanian art of the last decade, small sculptural plastic. LDS medal gallery, Vilnius
2000 exhibition of works by Lithuanian artists. Yanhuceng Art Museum, Beijing. China
2000 Sculptors for the city of Vilnius. Lithuanian Chamber of Artists, Vilnius
2000 Sculpture and drawings. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius
2001 4th Bronze Casting Symposium. Exhibition curator. LDS medal gallery, Vilnius
2001 Portrait. Exhibition curator. Gallery Arka, Vilnius
2001 Light. Vilnius Justinas Vienožinskis Art School, Vilnius
2002 Bronze metamorphoses. LDS medal gallery, Vilnius
2002 Sculpture. Paradise Mountain Gallery, Vilnius
2003 And again in four. Klaipėda Exhibition Hall
2004 The work of the Piekur family. Home of Jurgis Baltrušaitis, Moscow. Russia
2004 8th Bronze Casting Symposium. Exhibition curator. St. Jono street gallery, Vilnius
2004 Artist and Weapons. Exhibition curator. Gallery Arka, Vilnius
2004 Freedom of speech - I am human. Gallery Arka, Vilnius
2004 Vilnius in Warsaw. Sculpture. Warsaw. Poland
2004 Sculpture. Nordea Bank, Helsinki. Finland
2004 Sculpture. Kunsthof Cultural Center, Hamburg. Germany
2005 Sculpture, drawings. Vytautas Kazimieros Jonynas Gallery, Druskininkai
2005 Lithuania. Poland. Ukraine. Monumental art. Sculpture. Lviv. Ukraine
2005 SOS culture in kind. Gallery Arka, Vilnius
2006 8 sculptors. Lithuanian echo gallery - M, Vilnius
2006 Space, plane, body. Exhibition curator. ŠMC, Vilnius
2006 Small plastics. Vilnius. D. Rostworowski Gallery, Krakow. Poland
2006 Tree. St. John's Gallery, Vilnius
2006 Self-portrait. Exhibition curator. Gallery Arka, Vilnius
2006 Bronze form. St. John's Gallery, Vilnius
2006, 2008 Drawings. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sculptor P. Aleksandravičius. Gallery Arka, Vilnius
2007 Piekurai family exhibition. St. John's Gallery, Vilnius
2007 Self-portrait. Collection of V. Martikonis. St. John's Gallery, Vilnius
2007 Vilnius sculpture: St. John's gallery presents. Blackheads Palace, Riga
2007 LDS Collection. Drachten, Holland
2007 Sculpture of small forms. Embassy of Lithuania, Warsaw
2007 Vilnius sculptors. Capital Days'07. St. John's Gallery, Vilnius
2008 Vilnius legends. St. John's Gallery, Vilnius
2008 Ten years later. St. John's Gallery, Vilnius
2008 Masterskaya chudozhnika. CDCH, Moscow, Russia
2008 Sculpture. House of J. Baltrushaitis, Moscow
2008 VI International Drawing Biennale, Pilsen, Czech Republic
2009 2nd Lithuanian Contemporary Art Quadrennial, Lithuanian Exhibition and Conference Center. Vilnius
2010 Sculpture exhibition on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuanian Independence in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius
2011 Behind the white curtain, Lithuanian pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale, Italy
2012 Sculpture. Exchange. Klaipeda

2013 Vilnius-Berlin, St. John's Gallery, Vilnius

2013 Menama stories. Emotions, Užutrakis manor house, Trakai

Works in public spaces

2001 Portrait monument to Antanas Macijauskas, Biržu district. Pabiržė, Lithuania
2008 - 2009 Wave. Vilnius business port, Vilnius
2009 figurative portrait of Jonas Aleksas. National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Vilnius
2009 Vytautas Šerys. Literatu str. Vilnius
2010 Matas Salčius. Literatu st. Vilnius

2014 Memorial plaque Juozas Vilkutaitis-Keturakis. Come on.

2015 Reconstruction. Panevezys

2015 Vladas Jurgutis. Vilnius

2016 Juozas Tumas Vaižgantas. Biršton

2017 Yesterday. Breeders

2017 Pranas Lemberts. Exchanges

2018 Jonas Basanavičius. Vilnius

2019 Tree. John's

2019 Juozas Tumas Vaižgantas. Kaunas

Action symposia

1998, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 Bronze Casting Symposium. Uosininkai foundry, Vilnius district.
2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 Fire sculpture. Capital days. Vilnius
2001 Winterfresh Ice Sculpture Park. Nomination For integrity of idea and form. Cathedral Square, Vilnius
2001 Tree metamorphoses, 2002 Energy Zabarija km., Vievio district.
2001, 2003, 2005 Four without borders. Curonian km., Varėna district.
2001 2nd International ORIGAMI Symposium. European Park, Vilnius
2002 Fire Dance. International festival of fire sculptures, 1st place, Ischgl. Austria
2002 Forms of Time. Weeping Park, Vilnius
2003 Granite Sculptures Symposium. Shirvintos
2005 International Snow Sculpture Festival, Bardonecchia. Italy
2005 Granite Boulders Symposium, Šventoji
2005 Fire sculpture. International Sand Sculpture Festival, St. Petersburg. Russia
2006 Curonian Spit. International Granite Symposium, Mosėdis
2007 Vilnius legend. Fire sculpture in the Lithuanian Culture Days program, Drachten. Holland
2007 Vilnoja 2007. 7th granite sculpture symposium. 2nd place. Sudervė, Vilnius district.
2008 Be2gether, Norviliškės, Šalčininkai district.
2009 International Symposium of Granite Sculptures, Leliūnai, Utenas district.
2010 Balsiai Mythological Park, Balsiai, Vilnius
2011 Fire sculpture. Vilnius cultural spring in Portugal. Vila do Conde, Portugal
2012 Symposium on granite sculptures, Šventoji

Scholarships, awards

1997 State scholarship for young artists
December 2008 individual state scholarship
2010 Lithuanian Artists' Union prize and golden badge
2013 Individual state scholarship.

2013 book Gediminas Piekuras LDS artseria contemporary Lithuanian artists

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