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Jonas Ceps

Born in 1976 in Vilnius

Since 2002 Member of the Union of Lithuanian Artists

Since 2007 works at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Department of Graphics


1994 – 2000 Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, bachelor's studies in graphics
2006 – 2009 Vilnius Academy of Arts, master's studies in graphics

Personal exhibitions

1994 Gallery Mūza "Drawings"

2000 Gallery "Left Right", "Unstable States"

2002 Gallery "Left Right", drawings

2004 Gallery "Left Right", drawings

2007 Gallery "Left Right",  "Bebūnas in the ruins"

2008 Lithuanian Medical Library, "Repeated"

2009 Gallery "Academy", "Situations"

2010 "Ottimo gallery", graphics

2010 Utena Culture Center Art Gallery "Estampai"

2015 Gallery "Left Right", "Exits there"

2017 "Granlammi"  expressions Balžio st. 41

2019 Balžio st. 41 "Braukymai" drawings (with M. Dūda)

2020 VDA gallery "5 Malūnai", "Ramagalas", Vilnius

2021 "Bestovi"  ~ 700 steps from the bridge (Linksmoji St.) to the east by Vilnelė, New Vilnius

Group exhibitions


1998 Gallery "Akademija" wood carvings

1998 Krzyżowa, Poland, drawings, carvings

1999 Sarcelles, France, carvings

2000 Gallery "Kairė Dešinė",  (print), diploma

2000 Vilnius City Hall (diploma)

2001 Pedvale, Latvia, Art Museum, Creation

2001 Gallery "Left Right",  (print)

2002 Gallery "Academy"

2002 Lithuanian  Artists' Unions  Gallery, engraving

2002 Minsk, Belarus

2002 Gallery "Left Right", (print)

2003 Gallery "Left Right", "Attitude" (drawing)

2003 Contemporary Art Center (Graphics 03 ')

2003 Gallery "Kairė Dešinė", (print), diploma

2004 "Kairė Dešinė" Gallery, Collage Exhibition, Vilnius

2004 Gallery "Left Right", "Coincidence"

2005 Gallery "Arka" Quadriennial

2005 Broadwood Hall, England, Open Studies

2006 Contemporary Art Center, "Space, Plane, Body"

2006 Vilnius Library for the Blind, stamps

2006 Klaipėda Exhibition Hall "Nostalžy"

2008 Gallery "Akademija", "Netas"

2008 Gallery "Arka", "Drawing 2008"

2009 Hotel Europa City, "Kelias 2009"

2009 "Art Center", "Artwork with Lithuanian folklore motifs", Kaunas

2010 "Pamėnkalnis gallery, "Let's meet in the drawing", Drawings

2011 Nemunaitis, Alytus district "Nemunaitis 2012" exhibition-auction

2012 Telšiai Art Museum, "Šiukšlynas"

2012 Gallery "Arka", "Drawing 2012"

2012 "Golden Section" Gallery, "Joint Plein Air Exhibition"

2012 Exhibition hall "Titanic", "Ksilo1"

2013 Gallery "Left Right",  "From drawing to shadow" (diploma)

2013 Urinary Museum, "Scars"

2014 Gallery Brechtoldvilla, Salzburg, "The body. Lithuanian graphics 1980-2013"

2014 Library of Medicine of Lithuania, Medicine of Lithuania 2014 (exlibris)

2014 Sapiego 19 g. "Nozzbalysb" (Creation with Jurgis Bernatonis, Matus Dūdas)

2015 Lithuanian Medical Library "Existentia"

2015 LMA, Riga, "Situations"

2015 Tbilisi, Georgia, Crossroads,  

2015 ArtVilnius 15", Gallery "5 Malūnai", "Things"

2016 "MD_S" Gallery, Hello Today you have a day off, Wroclaw

2016 Panemune Castle,  "Program 621w10001(621w10002)" 

2016 Imatra, Finland "Baltic drawing" Drawings

2016 Galerija" Roy", video performances of "Izmesta".

2017 Mažvydas Library "Current Affairs" (Drawings)

2017 Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts "Khora"  woodcut

2017 Janina Morkutė Marks Museum,  "Wood carving effect" Kėdainiai

2018 gallery "Academy" "Passing time"
2018 gallery "Crematorium" "Pritempta" creation with M. Dūdas   

2018 "Arch" gallery, "Century Sheets", 2 woodcuts

2018 Rikhardinkatu Library, Helsinki,  illustrations  for the work "Metai" by K. Donelaitis
2019 gallery "Kreatorium" group exhibition "BOD Tibet" wood carving
2019 gallery  Neon  Wrocław  group exhibition Mistrzostwo woodcut
2019 gallery  "St. Jono" "Meetings" group exhibition, carvings
2020 2 wood carvings, Šiauliai Art Gallery group exhibition "Beauty", Šiauliai
2021 Ulsan, Korea, Woodcut exhibition, 1 carving
2021 "Gallery 555", "In spite of nothing", group exhibition

Creative workshop


1998 Creative workshop, Krzyżowa, Poland

2000 Wood Carving Workshop, Kap Arkona, Germany

2001 Workshop "Fire", Pedvale, Latvia

2005 Creative Workshop,  Broadwood Hall, England

2011 Workshop, Nemunaitis 2012, Alytus district.

2012 Workshop, "Dubysa 2012", Kaunas region.

2013 Workshop, Nemajunai 2013

2016 Workshop "In memory of M. Daniuis" Zalensi homestead, Padubysii village

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