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Jonas Aničas

Born in 1987 in Vilnius
Lives and works in Vilnius
From 2020 Member of the Union of Lithuanian Artists



2012 - 2014 Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, master's studies in sculpture
2007 - 2011 Vilnius Academy of Arts, bachelor studies in sculpture
1999 - 2007 National MK Čiurlionis School of Arts

Personal exhibitions

2021 Nobody remembers his name, gallery (AV17), Vilnius

2018 Sculpture, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania
2016 Retrospective exhibition, VDA exhibition space Crematorium, Vilnius, Lithuania
2014 Procese, (AV17) gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2004 Exhibition of photographs, gallery of the National MKČiurlionis School of Arts, Vilnius,

Group exhibitions

2021 Waiting, Kūdrų Park, Vilnius
2020 Location, Pakruojo dvaro park-Panemunė Castle, Lithuania
2020 ArtVilnius'20, Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania
2020 Lūžis, Chaim Frenkel's villa, Šiauliai, Lithuania
2020 Now. Elsewhere, Vilkaviškis-Alytus-Prienai, Lithuania
2019 Visit, Oronsk Sculpture Center, Oronsk, Poland
2019 Art and Music Festival Zemlika, Durbė, Latvia
2019 Visits, Buyers club, Vilnius, Lithuania
2019 Gurrrgutis, Gallery Meno niša, Vilnius, Lithuania
2019 ArtVilnius'19, Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania
2019 Infusion, Kelmė-Telšiai-Mažeikia, Lithuania
2019 Mastership, NEON Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
2018 ArtVilnius'18, Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania
2018 Artlab Munich, Benjamin Eck Gallery, Munich, Germany
2018 POSITIONS art fair, Berlin, Germany
2018 Blind Date, National Art Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2018 Blind date, Pranas Domšaitis gallery, Klaipėda, Lithuania
2017 Two and a half, (AV17) gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2017 Calming project: art warehouse, Night of Culture, Vilnius, Lithuania
2017 ArtVilnius'17, Vilnius, Lithuania
2017 Current Affairs, National M. Mažvydas Library, Vilnius, Lithuania
2016 417 km/menas, Rokiškis, Ignalina, Kupiškis, Lithuania
2016 Traveler's Guide to the Galaxy, VU Planetarium, Vilnius, Lithuania
2016 ArtVilnius'16, Vilnius, Lithuania
2016 8, (AV17) gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2016 Backstage, (AV17) gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2015 CreArt, The City and me international exhibition, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy
2015 7 Objects, Visaginas, Švenčionėliai, Šalčininkai, Lithuania
2015 ArtVilnius'15, Vilnius, Lithuania
2014 Meno cells, Vilnius Academy of Arts student final works exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania
2014 ArtVilnius'14, Vilnius, Lithuania
2014 White sheet, Arka gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2013 ArtVilnius'13, Vilnius, Lithuania
2013 JEK - Young European creators, international biennale of contemporary art
2012 Baltic expro, Educational exchange program fund project, ŠMC, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 Meno celės, VDA students diploma works exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 Atgaiva, Contemporary Art and Music Festival, Plungė, Lithuania
2005 Photo miniature exhibition, Nalšia Museum, Švenčionys, Lithuania



2013 Best young artist (under 35), ArtVilnius'13, Vilnius, Lithuania

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