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Sculpture and stained glass centre invites to participate in creative workshops

On May's Saturdays, 2024, the Sculpture and Stained Glass Center invites you to participate in creative workshops! These workshops are as a prelude to the annual Sculpture and Stained Glass Center's Art Festival, and it is related to the main theme of the upcoming festival - stone. The workshops will be focused on stone as the central material, which during the sessions we will learn to split, chisel and compose using various methods. The participants will get to know the old and new stone processing technologies. All the created works will be exhibited during the Art Festival of the Sculpture and Stained Glass Center on July 20, 2024. Therefore, we invite you to register for workshops led by professionals in their field, artists-sculptors:

Daumantas Kučas is a sculptor who creates monumental works, sculptures, actively participates in group exhibitions and organizes personal exhibitions. Seventeen of his works can be seen in public spaces, he also conducts classes for youth and organizes performances on the theme of sculpture art. During his workshop, the artist will present three ancient techniques of stone splitting. Boulders will be split using wedges with the help of the participants. Also, the participants will be able to try hand tools - sharpening, forging, and the most daring - pneumatic hammers.

Aušra Jasiukevičiūtė is an artist who regularly participates in group exhibitions and organizes personal exhibitions, creates sculptures for public spaces in Lithuania and abroad. Currently, A. Jasiukevičiūtė teaches the basics of 3D design at the Department of Graphic Design of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. The artist will conduct the workshop of stone mosaic. Using prepared stones of different colors and sizes, the participants will lay a stone mosaic tiles. They will prepare the drawing, place a frame, assemble the stones, which will finally be filled with cement.

Asta Vasiliauskaitė is a sculptor who creates portraits, sculptures, tombstones and monumental projects. Her works belong to the Lithuanian National Art Museum and the Kaliningrad Cathedral Museum. She is a member of the Society of Secret Painters of Lithuania. In the creative workshop, the sculptor will organize font forging classes. Participants will learn to forge the font on the stone and use the chisels to forge raised or recessed font - initials.

Mindaugas Junčys is a sculptor who creates monumental works, sculptures, and actively participates in group and personal exhibitions. He has created monuments to Pope John Paul II and Lithuanian actor Donatas Banionis, and has also received awards. During the creative workshop, the participants will learn the new stone processing technique using sandblasting. Participants will create their own drawing on a marble plate covered with a special film, which will be carved and blown with sand, thus creating the desired relief.


Workshop dates: May 4; 11; 18; 25

May 4, 11 am – 3 pm: stone splitting with Daumantas Kučas

May 11, 11 am – 3 pm: stone mosaic with Aušra Jasiukevičiūtė

May 18, 11 am – 3 pm: font forging with Asta Vasiliauskaitė

May 25, 11 am – 3 pm: sandblasted reliefs with Mindaugas Junčys


REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. All places for the workshop are already registered.

The project is financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture

All workshops are free of charge.

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