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Creative-educational workshops begin in the center of sculpture and stained glass

In October 3-21, 2022 The Sculpture and Stained Glass Center organizes the creative-educational workshop cycle entitled "Sustainable Creation". It is a series of creative workshops intended for residents of Naujininkai, Kirtimai, Salininkai and other peripheral districts of the city of Vilnius. It is focused on the knowledge of culture and contemporary art and the aspiration to reveal the creative potential of persons experiencing social and cultural exclusion during practical sessions. The activities of the workshops are focused on the use of sustainable and long-lasting materials in creation. Secondary and natural materials will be used, and activities will involve different technologies, allowing you to touch the creation of different types of art, and perhaps even discover a new professional field of interest. The project will allow participants to directly focus on the main principles of creating contemporary art, which will be conveyed to them by artists and educators actively participating in the art field:

Lutauras Griežė is a sculptor who regularly conducts creative sculpture, painting and ceramics workshops. The artist's works are exhibited in various public spaces and public or private buildings in Lithuania, he also founded the gallery "Meno stalčius". Liutauras Griežė will hold a clay molding workshop for the participants of the creative workshop. First of all, the participants will prepare individual sketches, which will be used to sculpt clay reliefs, from which the plaster forms will finally be removed. In this way, volumetric sculptural plaster reliefs will be obtained.

Edita Utarienė is a stained glass artist. Since the beginning of her creative work, she has created more than 40 large-scale stained glass windows in public spaces and private interiors, more than 90 chamber stained glass windows and participates in many group exhibitions, symposiums in Lithuania and abroad. During the project, Edita Utarienė will conduct a workshop for the creation of glass objects, which will consist of two parts: the first will discuss the art of stained glass, its history, techniques as well as several monumental works of stained glass. In the second part, using the fusing technique, the participants will create small stained glass windows. Using ready-made colored and colorless glasses of various configurations, they will be decorated with iron oxide and stained glass compositions will be laid. After being fixed with glue, the stained glass windows will be left to burn out in a special oven.

Aušra Jasiukevičiūtė is an artist who regularly participates in group exhibitions and organizes personal exhibitions, creates sculptures for public spaces in Lithuania and abroad. Currently, A. Jasiukevičiūtė teaches the basics of 3D design at the Department of Graphic Design of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. The artist will conduct the workshop "3D mask". During the activity, participants will create masks from cardboard sheets. By cutting various elements from cardboard and gluing them together, they will create a variety of fantastic characters. In this way, the participants will be introduced to the rudiments of spatial form, reliefs of various heights, and will experience the possibility of the transformation of a spatial object into a character.

Daumantas Kučas is a sculptor who creates monumental works, sculptures, actively participates in group exhibitions and organizes personal exhibitions. Seventeen of his works can be seen in public spaces, he also conducts classes for youth and organizes performances on the theme of sculpture art. The artist will hold a workshop for "Aluminum sculpture". The workshop will consist of three parts: during the first session, the creation of a sculpture from foam up to 20 cm in size will be made; during the second session, preparation for casting will take place - adjusting the molds, assembling them, sealing the mold with a dry sand-cement mixture; during the third session - metal melting, casting, breaking of forms, processing of cast sculptures. Each participant will create their own aluminum sculpture in three weeks. This will teach the processes of creating a sculpture from the model to the final result and will introduce to the basics of casting.

Tauras Kensminas - sculptor, installation creator. He is actively engaged in exhibition activities in Lithuania and abroad (Italy, Latvia, Poland, Germany, etc.). His works belong to Lithuanian and foreign museums and private collections. Participants of his workshop will create small spatial plastic sculptural objects from plaster. The first part of the workshop will include idea generation, familiarization with materials, and the second part will include practical construction of three-dimensional bodies using wire and plaster. Plaster small plastic sculptures will be created and the principles of creating abstract art will be introduced.


Workshop dates:
October 3 - 7
October 10 - 14

October 17 - 21

18:00 – 18:30 Tour of the Sculpture and Stained Glass Center
18:30 – 20:30 Glass workshop with Edita Utariene

18:00 – 20:30 Small plastic with Tauras Kensminas

18:00 – 20:30 3D mask with Aušra Jasiukevičiūtė

18:00 – 20:30 Aluminum sculpture with Daumantas Kučas

17:30 – 19:30 Clay modeling workshop with Lutauras Griežė


The project is financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality

All workshops are free of charge.

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